Saban Rock Living's Products are sold at Kakona Saba, Saba's finest giftshop and the only one promoting Saban artists and creators. 

Most items at Kakona are handmade on Saba or made with Saban Artifacts, just like my products. They sell handmade knives, jewelry, glass art, pillow cases, paintings, Wells Bay Beach sand jewelry, Mosaic pieces, handwoven scarves, handmade paper, bags, home decor & Renovated furniture etc.

Kakona Saba Also has a dedicated Saba Lace room, where you can come and join the ladies of Saba create their masterpieces! Saba Lace work is made and sold here!

Kakona Saba is an amazing place to stop by when you are on Saba to see the variety of creativity that Saba has. Its situated right next to Saba's Largest Diveshop at Lambie's Place, Windwardside.

You can also buy all my products as well as other Kakona Saba Products online on their webshop KakonaSaba.com